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Finale Show around 7.30 to 8pm 


Sacred Shapes

Sacred  Fires

After dark a beautiful lantern procession will lead into an amazing finale show  'Sacred Fires' created and produced by outdoor arts experts Walk the Plank in collaboration with Luton based South Asian Music and Dance company 'Kadam'.


Sacred Shapes on Fire is a powerful, engaging and dramatic piece of dance and visual theatre. Sacred Shapes is inspired by the symbolism of the ancient diagram, the Sri Yantra, of inverted triangles in a circle, which express the place of humans in the cosmos.

The piece blends movement, soundscape, design and pattern to weave shapes and beat out rhythm that will tell its own story of creation, of journeying to find meaning and purpose in life’s quest.

Katie Ryan Choreographer  is the recipient of the Marion North Mentoring Award. The Odissi Ensemble is the only professional Odissi Company in the UK.